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Because we have all come across a situation when someone we know was looking for help arranging a particular blood type.
Some managed to find a donor in time, others were not so lucky.

Because when emergency strikes, you'd rather be doing more critical tasks than sit with your phone co-ordinating with the limited few people who you know can donate.
Because there is power in networks. There are more people around you that can help, than you'd imagine. They just need to be informed on time.

We are a volunteer group who are building a structure to help people that are in urgent need of blood donors.
We guide people who want to make a difference by leading them to those who really need their help.

Maybe, but here's what we promise. This platform is free to register, and any adult can join as a member by providing basic information required to make this work.
What we do is bridge a direct connection between the donor network and the one in need, eliminating all red tape
You will find details about what information we need and why, in the Registration section.

Upon signing up, you will be able to view any open requests on our network. You will also be able to request for donors, in case you or your dear ones are in need ( We do hope though, that you will never need to utilize this fast and easy service.)

Once you are a verified member, you will be alerted every time there is a request from a member in the network, that matches your blood group. This will be an email as well as a text* alert.
We ask for your physical address so that the alerts are specific to your locality, and spread out over the country! We will also provide driving instruction / directions to the hospital in future.
You can then visit this site to view the details, including the exact location where the donation is being accepted, the date and time range, as well as any other information that the person requesting chooses to share, like the patient name, contact number etc.
However, please note that 450ml will NOT share the contact details or location for any member, either donor or the one requesting. This is to respect individuals' choice of privacy .
You will NOT be getting any phone calls for help unless you have yourself publicly listed your number on the forums.
What's more, every time you successfully donate blood, we will add extra "Blood Cells" to your profile, which will identify you as a more meaningful member.

(*SMS feature currently only available in Australia, Philippines and India)

Our Inspiration, A memory

We dedicate this platform to the memory of a 7 year young boy who fought his battle against an illness bravely till his last.
A group of people got together to scout for the blood type that he required, and exchanged text messages night & day to co-ordinate the exercise. The efforts of numerous people around him, made us realize that humanity is still alive and people are willing to lend a helping hand.
We appreciate the efforts of the well wishers who prayed night and day for his well being and quick recovery. Then there were those who went the extra mile to donate their 450 ml.

Unfortunately, we were unable to keep him amongst us beyond the fateful day of 12th Sept 2017. But we do hope that thru this service, we will keep him in our thoughts, and that others out there will also be able get the help and support of all well wishers, who are willing to sacrifice their Blood, to Save Another Life.

The most common method is collecting the blood from the donor's vein into a container. The amount of blood drawn varies from 200 millilitres to 550 millilitres depending on the country, but 450 - 500 millilitres is typical. The blood is usually stored in a flexible plastic bag that also contains sodium citrate, phosphate, dextrose, and sometimes adenine. This combination keeps the blood from clotting and preserves it during storage. Other chemicals are sometimes added during processing.

The plasma from whole blood can be used to make plasma for transfusions or it can also be processed into other medications using a process called fractionation. This was a development of the dried plasma used to treat the wounded during World War II and variants on the process are still used to make a variety of other medications. - Wikipedia